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Does Midoriya has All For One ?

onichan987onichan987 Member
edited November 2020 in Boku no Hero Academia Anime

I know this is a dumb question I have a theory in my mind and just want to tell you guys. So we all know that the first user of One for All (The younger brother of One for all) received his quirk from All for One but the young brother had a quirk which transfers quirk from one to another All for One does not knew about his younger brother' s power.

Therefore to beat All for One the younger brother of All for one transfer the quirk from people so that one day somebody will beat All for One. Now my theory arrives, my theory is that All for one 's little brother has only one quirk i.e to transfer quirk but when all for one give him his quirk the younger brother had multiple quirks and I think he transfered All for One along with his quirk transfer ability to the One For All Successor's. All for One can take any person's quirk we know that if One For All contains All for One then it can take the quirk of predecessors this may be the reason why Midoriya can use the predecessor quirks. Please Tell your Opinion below. Sorry for Bad english 😊😊


  • Yeah it can be true as he has got the quirk of previous user that one for all has a property like that of all for one which extracts quirks from the previous user and pass it to the successor

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