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Black Clover Chapter 277 Leaks and Spoiler Discussion

Black Clover Chapter 277 will be released on 3.1.2021. Please post the spoilers here and make sure to use spoiler tags.


  • Whitehat TerminatorWhitehat Terminator Unconfirmed, Member

    Number of Page 17

    The chapter starts with Rill and Charlotte vs Vanica.

    The previous two dark disciple joins with vanica.

    Both of them are modified by Morris and cursed by Megicula.

    Charlotte comes with a new form.

    Vanica explains how the Simp Dante lost against Yami and asta and Zenon had to carry that simp so that he doesn't die.

    Flashbacks of Charlotte during training in heart kingdom, the time she got possessed by the Elf.

    The Curse of Charlotte that Yami broked was from Megicula.

    Charlotte using her original form and Rill getting amazed that how powerful is she.

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